Ask An Alien Augmented Reality

Maric is a psychic alien that uses his supernatural clairvoyance to answer your yes or no questions about the future. Through the use of augmented reality the mystic extraterrestrial Maric appears with his fleet of UFOs from outer space.

Maric has the paranormal power to confer with the powers of the universe to answer your burning questions. Speak or think a yes or no question such as:

  • Does he / she like me?
  • Will I become rich?
  • Is my future bright?

And Maric will reveal your fortune.

Available For

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Privacy Policy

    Ask An Alien Augmented Reality does not ask for or collect personal information in any form.

Ask An Alien Augmented RealityPsychic alien game


Ask An Alien Augmented Reality is a game for iOS that utilizes ARKit, SpriteKit Scenes, Actions, Sequences and Groups.


  • Swift
  • ARKit
  • SpriteKit
  • AVFoundation
  • Xcode
  • Affinity Photo
  • Git
  • Garageband


  • Worked remotely with graphic artistic
  • Cell Animation
  • App Store Submission