Synthesizer Face

An augmented reality facial movement controlled synthesizer that offers a revolutionary form of musical expression. Switch masks to change synthesizers, move your mouth and change your facial expression to play the instrument.

Record and save your performance. Broadcast your performance live to YouTube, Mobcrush or other social media.

Synthesizer Face requires a device with a true depth camera.

Available For

  • iPhone

Privacy Policy

Synthesizer Face does not contain advertisements and we do not ask for or collect personal information. The facial expression information collected by the True Depth Camera is only used to control the mask and synthesizer; it is not kept, stored, sold or used in any other fashion. Once the facial expression information is used to control the mask and synthesizer it is discarded immediately.

Synthesizer Face


Synthesizer Face utilizes ARKit's face tracking and AudioKit to create a synthesizer that is controlled by the user's facial expressions.


  • ARKit
  • AudioKit
  • Swift
  • Physical Based Rendering (PBR)
  • Xcode
  • Git
  • TestFlight


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